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1. Infrared surface plasmons on heavily doped silicon
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2. Infrared surface polaritons on antimony
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3. Infrared surface exciton polaritons on bismuth
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4. Fabrication and comparison of Dye-sensitized solar cells using TiO2 and ZnO as photo electrode
Anil Pervez, Khalid Javed, Monas Shahzad, Vol. 182, Optik (2018).
5. Fabrication and Characterization of Metal Oxide and Lignocelluloses Fibers based Working Electrode for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSCs)
A. Qaisar; M. Saleem, M. Shahzad; A. Razaq, Materials Research Express, Vol. (6), Number 12, (2020).
6. Output facet heating mechanism for uncoated high power longwave infrared quantum cascade lasers
Dagan Hathaway, Monas Shahzad, Tamil S Sakthivel, Mathew Suttinger, Arkadiy Lyakh, Accepted for publications in AIP Advances June (2020).
7. Broad-band dielectric properties of Teflon, Bakelite, and air: Simulation and experimental study
A. Shahbaz A. Aleem, A. Ghaffar, N. M. Kiani, M. Irshad, I. Mehmood, M. Shahzad, Material Science and Engineering: B, Vol. 272, (2021).
8. Infrared surface waves on semiconductor and conducting polymer
Monas Shahzad, Gautam Medhi, R. E. Peale, Ryuichi Tsuchikawa, Masahiro Ishigami, Walter Buchwald, Justin Cleary, Glenn D. Boreman, Oliver Edwards, D. J. Diaz, and Ted. A. Gorman, Proc. Of SPIE Vol. 8024, 80240B-1 (2011).
9. Infrared surface plasmon polariton on polyaniline-graphite composite
Monas Shahzad, Gautam Medhi, Doug Maukonen, Mehmet Yesiltas, R. E. Peale, Walter R. Buchwald, Justin Cleary, Yi Liao, Candace Alber, Valentine K. Johns, Rahul Hegishte, and Glen D. Boreman. Proc. SPIE 8366 – 3 V.6 (2012).
10. Planar integrated plasmonics mid-IR spectrometer
Farnood K Rezaie, Chris J Fredericksen, Walter R Buchwald, Justin W Cleary, Evan M. Smith, Monas Shahzad, Andrew Davis, Robert E. Peale. MRSF12-1510-DD14-05.R1
11. Plasmonic- nano-structured material based on silver and reduced graphene oxide (RGO) for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Mehwish Qutab, Monas Shahzad, Hamid Latif, Khalid Javed, Saqlain Shah. Plasmonics III 10824, 108240J Asia Photonics SPIE (2018).